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Do you find yourself alone most of the time and fear becoming more isolated?

Would you like to make new friends or even have a new chance at love?

It is all too easy to just think, ‘I am too old, who will be interested in me?’ But you cannot be more wrong.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, I’ve got an exciting solution for you to consider. Shake off any preconceived thoughts about being too old. You may not think you are an interesting person but someone out there will think you are. It’s just a case of giving yourself a chance to find them.

You may well have tried online dating which has given you a taster of making new contacts via the internet. However, meeting a person after just chatting online may be a little daunting especially for a senior. A new platform that has been growing in popularity is Speed dating!!

‘What the hell is that?’ I hear you ask

Well, read on. Keep an open mind. This is an exciting experience which could show you new avenues to finding a special companion to share your later years.

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Our Top Tips & Sites for Senior Speed Dating

However, what is it? Speed dating has become increasingly popular over the last few years.
It is an event where a person can get to chat for a few minutes with one eligible partner after another.

The idea is for you to meet as many potential partners face to face as you can within a very short time at a prearranged organized venue. First impressions matter and you certainly don’t want to be stuck with someone all evening if you have nothing in common with them.

Ladies sit at an individual table and the men move around the room chatting to each lady in turn. Each couple will have just enough time to create an impression on their potential partner. Dating with speed is a refreshing experience.

This form of dating does not have the pressure you would associate with first dates. Within the time allotted on speed dating, you will assess whether you would like to meet them again or not. In case of mutual interest, both of you can exchange details, and plan to meet for a coffee date.

That’s the basis of speed dating but this article will give you insights on things you need to know about getting the best from this exciting format. It will give you tips on how you can make your series of dates successful. Please keep reading to discover the things you need to know.

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a mature couple smiling and enjoying a glass of wine outsideStart the ball rolling with Speed Dating for Seniors

Do you like the idea of speed dating already? It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Are you wondering where you can find such meetup events? This is the article that will give you options on how to get involved.

If you live in the United States, you can start by looking for events near you:

This site assists adults over 50 years who are looking for companionship, romance, and travel dates. It organizes speed-dating extravaganzas for older adults in select areas.

Signing up for the stitch newsletter will give you access to information so that you can be in the loop for when such events are taking place.

The site also offers an online version of speed dating, which they refer to as speed stitching. It brings older adults together through shared activities, dinners, and interest groups.

If you are looking for an easy and exciting dating experience near you, this could be the site for you.

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This site brings together African American seniors who are interested in themed or interest specific events. It allows professional singles to meet up in a series of six-minute pre-dates.

The events take place in upscale restaurants or bars. If you are looking for a serious and fun event free of embarrassment and pressure, you can check out the scheduled events here.

Speed Dating Event Organizers in the UK

This is one of the largest sites in the UK. Its goal is to assist you to meet like-minded people in a safe environment so that you can look for your special someone. If you’re looking for a companion or fun, this site is the answer.

The service gives a member an opportunity to meet one-on-one with potential partners in various speed dating events across the UK. At least 90% of their members say they would recommend the service to other singles. You can check upcoming events here.

This is another good site for speed dating events in the UK. This service brings together older adults who find a meeting in noisy bars and restaurants unattractive.

The site focuses on helping mature professional singles who have no time for dating and romance due to busy schedules. By joining this site, you will be able to meet friendly and open singles who desire to meet new people like you.

An opportunity to chat for 4 minutes with singles who have shared interests, gives a taster for someone you may want to meet later. The site runs events such as singles quiz nights, walks, and singles wine tasting. Check the latest events here.

This service brings together mature singles that are hesitant about one-on-one dating. It connects mature singles looking for love in London. It organizes age-appropriate events to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to meet your perfect match.

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward, fun and memorable dating experience, this site could be the answer. This service organizes events in South West London in specific age groups such as 40-52, 48-60 and 56-68. Do not miss your chance of getting your perfect match. You can see what events they have coming up here.

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couple smiling at cameraSeize the opportunity

Once you have found a speed dating event near you, it is time to grab the opportunity and give it a try. If you have signed up, please try and show up. Do not let your chance of chatting and assessing a series of eligible singles pass you by. The organizers also need you so that the numbers can be evened out between men and women.

Fear and hesitation are huge obstacles that can keep you from showing up for a date. They can occur due to a lack of self-confidence, past failures, or uncertainty.

However, if you are looking for a new chance in love and companionship, you need to overcome fear. You need to be brave and foster confidence in yourself to fulfil your desire.

Overcoming the fear of meeting new people is all about being positive. In the next section, I am going to give you tips that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Tips for Making a Good First Impression in Speed Dating

Where dating is involved, everyone tends to have similar worries and endless questions. What do I say and how? What do I wear? What perfume do I wear? or What kind of topics to discuss?

However, one question that lingers in the mind of most people is how to make a good impression. If you are in such a dilemma, I’ve got you covered. Below are some tips just for you.

Dress to impress

Most organizers have a specific dress code for their members. What you wear can be the difference between winning someone special or not. Studies show that potential partners make snap decisions based on the first impression.

When choosing an outfit, remember to wear something that you think will impress the opposite sex. Smart and classy is far better than brash and flashy.

If you are a woman, wear a dress that will highlight your figure. Don’t immediately think that because you are a certain age, men will not find you attractive. The secret is to know your body and the kind of dresses that work for it. Some jewellery, scarf, necklace, and earrings will also draw attention to your face.

Remember to go easy on your make up and fragrance. Comb your hair and wear clean and comfortable shoes. Wearing age appropriate clothes is important.

If you are a man, you can opt to wear business-casual outfit. The idea is to look attractive and sharp without being too formal. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Avoid wearing ripped or faded jeans.

Dressing attractively will naturally make you ooze with confidence, which will be a turn-on to your prospective partners.

a black woman in a relationship with a white manShow up a little early

Attending such an event can be nerve-wracking. To avoid aggravating your worry by being late, you can start your journey early. This helps to take care of unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or losing direction.

Remember that you have 5 minutes to impress your prospective partner. You don’t want your nervousness to ruin everything for you. Getting to the venue early is a good way of warming up, relaxing and lowering any stress levels.

Avoid standing in any corner alone. To boost your confidence and approachability, try to socialize with other members before the actual speed dating starts. Keep your eye out for a person who may be hesitant like you. You may be able to make friends with this person to enable you to go on the next speed dating together.

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Approach the evening with an open mind

You may or may not be attracted to anyone in the event. You may realize it as you socialize with other singles before the event commences. Should that happen, avoid getting negative.

Negative thoughts will prevent you from meeting your special someone. You may not meet your soul mate, but you could leave there with a new friend, travel mate or contact for your next boss.

Remember that this is an opportunity for you to network. Do not set yourself apart from the possibilities. The key is to maintain a positive attitude.

Flash Your Smile

Remember to smile. A smile exudes happiness and positivity. According to the American Psychological Association, smiling makes a person more attractive and approachable.

Put simply, a smile is warm and welcoming. It can be cheeky or a little flirty. You will constantly lock eyes with your eligible matches during the speed dates. Do you know what you need to do? Hint! Hint! Look into their eyes and smile.

However, constantly smiling and unwavering eye contact can make your date feel uncomfortable. Let the smile be natural and the eye contact appropriate.

Always remember that a smile is your greatest asset. If you feel too nervous to smile, let the adage “smile and the world smiles with you” be your driving force.

Honesty is the best policy

It is okay to be afraid of criticism. However, it is critical to be yourself throughout the event. If you are having a great time, it is okay to say it. Remember to speak the truth with regard to what you want your potential partners to know.

Avoid trying to please and playing mind games. Saying things to make others happy at the expense of your self-worth can end up stressing you. Put your happiness first.

Learning to be yourself and having no problem with who you are can promote your self-confidence. No matter how you slice the cake, your self-confidence will make you appealing. You will gain more respect and make better decisions.

Do not dominate the conversation

With just 3 to 5 minutes at your disposal, it is very possible to spend the whole time talking about yourself. It is also difficult to realize when you are talking too much especially when you are nervous or excited.

One way of avoiding such incidents is to check yourself at intervals so that you do not end up talking the whole time. You can also avoid talking about your favourite topic.

You should treat every conversation as a give and take. Both of you should be able to exchange information so that you get to know a little about each other.

Ask the right questions

The aim of questions is to find out the things you have in common with your potential partners. So, it is imperative to ask the right questions.
Knowing what to talk about can help you make the most of each conversation and experience. The impact of a good conversation cannot be overemphasized.

Remember you only have 5 minutes. You want to be able to ascertain if someone is a soulmate or companion material. To enjoy such an opportunity, be sure to ask the right questions, you can go into more depth later if you choose to meet again.

Remember your date’s name

Do you always have trouble remembering people’s names? Recalling names is never easy. However, some people can be very good at it. Failing to write down the name of your eligible partners can be interpreted as disinterest by your date.

This can hinder them from sharing about themselves or wanting to find out more about you. To avoid such embarrassing moments, write the person’s name down before anything else.


Speed dating has become popular among singles. This matchmaking process enables singles to find love or companionship by meeting several prospective partners within 3 to 10 minutes.

Most events often have a team of 10 to 20 people. Each person gets an opportunity to talk to each eligible partner. Men normally move from one table to another talking to women.

The idea behind attending such an event is to find out whether you will like someone. If you’re compatible, you will have the opportunity to meet again and get to know each other more.

Most organizers have different options for such events. Before attending an event be sure to do your research. This helps to ensure that you attend an event that is appropriate for you. Most organizers often indicate the age and obviously the location.

If you want to date someone from a specific profession, religion or someone with certain qualities, you can do research on specialized events. The events take place in upscale bars, clubs or restaurants, so the venues are usually very pleasant.

The beauty of this kind of dating is that it brings together men and women with different personalities, interests, and looks. You are sure to find one or two people who meet your criteria.

If you have not dated for a while and you would like to step out of your comfort zone, seize the opportunity. You will get to meet new people while having fun and without pressure.

For a summary of what we have discussed, please watch this video on how to impress your date in minutes. This video is a guide to the kind of questions you can ask on your date and why they are important.